About Pepperpike

Pepperpike Projects are exquisite commercial and residential projects developed by IPC Homes Limited (operating as International Property Consortium LLC in the US). These developmental projects are designed to satisfy the hunger for perfection with a commitment to combine a rare mix of luxury and affordability

IPC Homes Limited is a dynamic real estate development company operating in the United States and Nigeria. We provide incredible real estate investment solutions, unrivaled property management services and luxurious yet affordable residential and commercial developments on both sides of the Atlantic. With acute understanding of the investment interest & housing needs of our clients and a street-level understanding of the real estate market, we tailor real estate solutions for all classes of people. We currently operate in the Federal Capital territory, Ibadan, Lagos and Georgia, USA.


To be the first call for affordable luxury.


IPC Homes Limited exists to provide unrivaled residential and commercial real estate solutions that are luxurious yet affordable for the middle-class.